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Gunnar Fröjel
A family story
The company was founded in 1943 by the professional cellist Gunnar Fröjel. His son Urban and grandson Niclas later followed in his footsteps.

During the Second World War strings were hard to come by since most manufacturers were located in countries that were now at war. Gunnar Fröjel, a very curious and innovative man, began experimenting with strings at the dinner table together with his wife Lisa in their Stockholm apartment. He started manufacturing strings in a small scale, for himself and other musicians in the orchestra. His work progressed and a small company was soon formed; Prim Strings was born! The strings reputation quickly spread with export to most parts of the world.

In 1982, Gunnar's son Urban Fröjel took over the company. Urban, an engineer with a PhD in production technology transformed the craftsman's manufacturing process into state of the art string production, while increasing Gunnar's high standards of quality. With his great ear for music Urban plays the Violin, Viola and Cello and he has continuously developed the products.

In 2008, the third generation of the Fröjel family, founder Gunnar Fröjel's grandson Niclas - himself a violinist - entered the company. He continues the family tradition of making high quality strings for demanding musicians.
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